Our family has worked with Denise on three large home re-design projects over the past 6 years. First, she reworked our second floor, converting 2 bedrooms, a small bathroom and attic space into 3 large bedrooms, a large full bath, and renovated attic space. Led by Denise’s space and design vision, the second floor is now stunning, completely transforming our livable space and home. The second project began as a kitchen renovation and update and became a first floor redesign, at Denise’s suggestion. Yet again, Denise’s vision dramatically transformed our home and perfectly reflected our living style, far better than we could have ever imagined. The third project was more simple: a renovation of our basement for our sons’ hangout space. Denise designed the room, perfectly suited to our budget and boys’ level of cool.

She is superb, with a superb design eye. She understands her clients and makes recommendations that kick the spaces out of the park! We recommend her all over town!