Value Plus Fun!

Both Renee and I feel very fortunate to have found and retained you in assisting us in developing our new space.  The value you have brought to the process has been tremendous. An unexpected bonus is how much fun it has been to work with you. With much gratitude.

Gary Rice & Renee Heine

Highly Recommend

We have worked with Pine Clearwood Architects on several relatively small remodeling projects over the past 15 years and I give a high recommendation. Denise Clearwood has a very consultative approach, makes smart functional space recommendations and has a fantastic design style. She is good at debating the pros and cons of options and trouble-shooting problems. We have never had any issues and are always happy with the finished result.


The Absolute Best Architect

Our family has worked with Denise on three large home re-design projects over the past 6 years. First, she reworked our second floor, converting 2 bedrooms, a small bathroom and attic space into 3 large bedrooms, a large full bath, and renovated attic space. Led by Denise’s space and design vision, the second floor is now stunning, completely transforming our livable space and home. The second project began as a kitchen renovation and update and became a first floor redesign, at Denise’s suggestion. Yet again, Denise’s vision dramatically transformed our home and perfectly reflected our living style, far better than we could have ever imagined. The third project was more simple: a renovation of our basement for our sons’ hangout space. Denise designed the room, perfectly suited to our budget and boys’ level of cool.

She is superb, with a superb design eye. She understands her clients and makes recommendations that kick the spaces out of the park! We recommend her all over town!

Jane & Chris Clark

Denise Listens

Denise listened to us. She took her time, didn’t rush us, and excelled at thinking outside the box. Two things Denise insisted on: 1) an eye-catching porch and entryway and 2) a gorgeous view through beautiful windows into to our backyard when a person first steps into the house. Strangers walking by our home have stopped to compliment us on our porch. When visitors first walk into our home, they are brought almost to their knees with the stunning view. Our results were wonderful. Our home was transformed. Even better than we imagined. We wouldn’t change a thing.

Paul & Laure Lata

Helped Us Immensely

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Denise and would highly recommend her. Our project was in 2008 and was over $100,000. Our mistake was acquiring the contractor first and then the architect. We should have acquired the architect first so she could have authority over the contractor. Anyway, Denise was able to help us immensely in extracting what we wanted and making it happen in terms of the design and also in choosing the paint colors inside.

Skyview Terrace Resident